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This is a compendium of some of the Vintage Tektronix equipment that has been sold on e-Bay with their sale prices. I have tried to summarize each modules operating specifications as well as gathering the best photographs.

.indicates a page with a fairly complete set of specifications.

Entries are still added sporadically.

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Tektronix TM500 System

Tektronix 26 Series

Tektronix 7000 Series

Tektronix 11000 Series

Tektronix 5000 Series

Logic Analyzers


Tektronix Probes

Tektronix Knobs & Push Buttons

Older Vintage h c
Tektronix 7000 Series Oscilloscopes FAQ (Tek Website)
Tektronix TM500 Modules (Rutgers)
Write-up on Tek Scopes (Rutgers)
Phil's e-Bay Prices on Tektronix
Sphere Catalog (scopes, tubes, Tek IC's)

Bill & Stan's Tektronix Resource Site

My Downloadable Manuals


The 7612A and 7912AD don't seem to fit in any of the above categories - They are included since one of the 7000 series modules fits them.
7612D Programmable Digitizer

7912AD Programmable Digitizer

602 X-Y Display Unit

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