Tektronix 11401 1GHz Digitizing Oscilloscope Main Frame

Orig CostLow BidHigh Bidaverage
$13,000 (1989) ...
$315.00 10/11/01 #1646301247 jtsele (no plug-ins)
$1,358.00 2/19/02 #1704876767 pugmanmail (w/ 11A34, 11A33)
$180.27 3/10/03 #2513304562 jtsele (no plug-ins, tested) (10 bids $10 start)
$256.01 6/24/04 #3822912952 mrbluegrass (w/ 11A32 working, tested) (4 bids $100 start)
$153.50 7/20/04 #3827710408 jtsele (9 bids $10 start) (no plug-ins, working-guaranteed)
$212.50 7/25/04 #3829023581 mrbluegrass (7 bids $50 start) (w/11A32 - works)
$1275.00 (buy it now) 2/28/06 #7594669568 cedar-electronics (w/2-11A32) (passes self-tests - guaranteed)
$179.50 4/12/06 #7608034087 davekat5 (4 bids $99.00 start) (self tests - w/2-11A34)
$820.00 (+~$34 UPS ship) 7/13/07 #300128137512 minvai (15 bids $199.99 start) (passes self-tests-w/2-11A34,1-11A72)
$203.50 (+$40 ship) 1/14/08 #160197347359 cdhlc (13 bids $5 start) (passes self-tests-w/11A32, 11A34)

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    This high level oscilloscope is equipped with a side carrying handle for easy portability from place to place. This Oscilloscope solves measurement problems equally well on a designer's bench or in a programmable test system. The unit has flexible triggering features & an 8 Channel display. This unit supports 3 vertical amp plug ins. This means you can acquire up to eight channels of data at 300 MHz or six channels of data at 600 MHz, or up to 3 channels of data at 1 GHz. Eight traces can be displayed at 1 time so you can get the whole picture at one time. The 11401 combines wide bandwidth with 10-ps horizontal resolution & 10-bit vertical resolution. Multiple records of up to 10,240 points can be acquired using this Tektronix 11401 Scope. Waveforms can be stored on board the scope for analysis at a later time. This scope brings outstanding versatility with a measurement system & waveform processing functioning which leads to quick solutions at a variety of voltages, times, areas, & energy problem situations. Fast overdrive recovery & up to 2000 divisions of dynamic range give the Tek 11401 Scope the power to look at the smallest detail on difficult to capture waveforms. This Digitizing Scope uses simple parallel menus & touch screen capabilities to give easy access to their measurement & display features. There are only a few buttons and knobs which are found on the face of the 11401 Scope. All of the controls are found directly on screen and the system will only present control selections when they are valid and / or useful. An autoset function allows the scope to be set up for the operator based on the signal characteristics of the selected trace. The most commonly used functions are never deeper then the 2nd menu & pop up menus present choices & fold down when the selections are made. This unit is one of the most accurate high bandwidth scopes on the market. The combination of timing accuracy inherent in digital time bases with 1% vertical accuracy is incredible. The enhanced accuracy feature prompts the user to start self calibration routines when the temperature & configuration changes warrant it. The signal & probe power connections are all made at the amplifier input, eliminating extra probe power lines. The unit supports as many active probes as their is functioning channels. The termination impedance is no longer an issue, as the Tektronix 11401 sets it automatically. The full range of measurement needs is covered with this Scope: Waveform Processing, Pulse Parameter Analysis, Cursor Functions, & Trigger to Trigger Measurements. Users can set proximal, distal, & medial levels to customize timing measurements. Up to 6 measurement results can be displayed continuously updated as data changes. Higher Bandwidth, better resolution, more accuracy, more versatility, hardware & software modular, ease in use and to service, makes the Tektronix 11401 one of the Cadillacs of Digitizing Oscilloscopes. As mentioned above, most of the features & controls are located in the touch screen functioning. The front of the Scope and the 2 plug ins do have a few controls & connection devices which can be inventoried. To the right side of the Digital Display Screen are 6 buttons and 2 adjustment knobs. The Knobs are unlabeled but the buttons are inventoried as: Waveform, Trigger, Measure, Store / Recall, Utility, & Touch Panel On / Off. Just above the Plug in Area are 4 Buttons (Digitizer Run / Stop, Autoset, Hardcopy, Enhanced Accuracy. There is also a Calibrator Jack, a Calibrator Screw Down Connector, & the Power switch located above the Plug in Area.
    Available Options
    1C - Loop through buses
    1R - Rack Mount
    2D - Memory Expansion
    4D - DMA Controller
  • 1-GHz and 500-MHz Bandwidth
  • Eight Channels of Display and Acquisition
  • Plug-In Modularity
  • Waveform Processing and Automatic Pulse Parameters
  • Multiple 10,240-Point Waveform Records
  • Accepts Differential, High-Impedance and 50-O-Input Amplifiers
  • Greatly Simplified Access to Features
  • Fully Programmable via GPIB and RS-232C Specifications The 11401 is the first in a new line of digitizing oscilloscopes. These versatile scopes, with their array of new supporting plug-ins and probes, solve measurement problems equally well on a designer's bench or in a programmable test system. Digital designers will benefit from flexible triggering features and an eight-channel display. Analog and power-supply designers can apply extensive waveform processing to signals acquired through high-performance differential and single-ended amplifiers. 11000-Series digitizing scopes can follow your designs into production. Full programmability via either IEEE-488 or RS-232C and features like a DMA controller for fast waveform transfers make these scopes a perfect fit for systems. 11000-Series digitizing oscilloscopes set new standards in performance.
  • Live Display of Up to Eight Traces
  • High Vertical and Horizontal Resolution
  • Multiple Long Record Lengths
  • Versatility for a Wide Range of Applications
  • Unparalleled Ease of Use
  • Plug-In Modularity
  • The Most Accurate Instruments of Their Kind
  • On-Site Serviceability
  • Probe Interface
  • Choose Your Computer Interface
  • Accurate, Automatic Measurements
  • A Measurable Advance in Oscilloscope Technology Live Display of Up to Eight Traces The 11401/11402 each support three vertical-amplifier plug-ins. This means you can acquire up to eight channels of data at 300 MHz, up to six channels of data at 600 MHz, or up to three channels of data at 1 GHz. You can, of course, mix and match the plug-ins to design the system that works best for you. Eight traces can be displayed at any one time so that you can get the whole picture on one screen. The update rate is so fast that the 11401 and 11402 have the look and feel of analog scopes.