Tektronix 067-0590-00 Calibration Fixture

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$11.71 (+~$10 ship) 12/15/06 #270066048742 technology-surplus (2 bids $9.87 start)

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    The 067-0590-00 Plug-In Extender is designed primarily for use with the Tektronix Type 568 or R568 Oscilloscope when calibrating or troubleshooting the Type 3S5 or 3S6 Programmable Vertical.
    The Extender can also be used with the Type 568 or other 560-Series Oscilloscopes to extend digital vertical plug-in units, as well as non-digital vertical and time-base units.
    The Extender has a support and locking mechanism on the front panel, thus eliminating the need to externally support the extended plug-in unit.
    The Extender does not lock into the osciiloscopes, therefore rackmount oscilloscopes should not be tilted when the extender is used.