Tektronix 533A Oscilloscope

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$1200 (1969) ...

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    Frequency Response.
    Input Deflection Factor.
    Time Base A.
    Time Base B.
    A very beautiful scope, Made from 1960 to 1972. Weight: 31 Kg. Power consumption: approx. 500 W. Tube count: approx. 50. Though it has a bandpass of "only" 15MHz, this is never in practice a serious limitation, and certainly not when used for audio work. This scope accepts all the Tek "Letter" and "1" series plug-ins, making it a very versatile instrument. All the 530, 540 and 580 series scopes are equipped with more or less the same LT supply (LT, i.e. -150, 100, 225, 350 and 500 V) which is equipped with a 5651 reference voltage drop tube, a pair of 6080's and four 12B4's.