Tektronix 555 Dual Beam Oscilloscope

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Tektronix Catalog CostLow BidHigh Bidaverage
$2850 (1969-Ltd Dmd) ...
$36.00 (+$99 ship) 12/13/06 #140062058647 get$old (2 bids $0.99 start)
$77.00 (+$93 ship) 7/28/07 #110150760117 sjgoodfellow (6 bids $50 start) (w/ 2-CA, 21 & 22 - untested)

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    The 1969 Catalog recommends using the 556 instead of the 555

    Frequency Response.
    Input Deflection Factor.
    Time Base A.
    Time Base B.
    Known in the industry as the Triple Nickel, the 555 is one of the most popular scopes ever made and the finest produced by Tektronix at the time. From the Tektronix manual:

    The Type 555 Oscilloscope is a dual-beam laboratory instrument for accurate measurements in the DC to 33 MHz range, (3-dB down). Two complete horizontal-deflection systems and two independent vertical amplifiers provide for completely independent deflection of the two beams

    Either of two plug-in time base units can control the sweep, over a range of 0.1 Ás/cm to 5s/cm, of either or both electron beams. In addition, a continuously-variable calibrated sweep delay allows expansion of a selected portion of the undelayed sweep for precise time measurements. Delayed and undelayed sweeps can be presented simultaneously. The wide-band main amplifiers in the Type 555 are designed to accept Letter-Series and 1-Series Plug-In Unites for a high degree of signal-handling versatility.