Tektronix RM15 Oscilloscope (Rack Mount 515A)

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$1025 (1969) ...

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    "The Tektronix Type RM15 is a repackaged 515A in a rack mount and is a DC-coupled general purpose cathode-ray oscilloscope combining reliable circuitry in an easy-to-use, compact instrument. Wide time-base range, broad bandwidth characteristics, and calibrated deflection factor make the Tpe rm15 well suited for general-purpose laboratory work and production-line testing applications." (Tektronix, Catalog, 1967)

    Frequency ResponseDC to 15 MHz
    Deflection Factor50 mV/cm to 20V/cm
    Time Base2 sec to .2 usec
    Power300 watts
    Dimensions14-1/16" x 9-3/4" x 21-13/16"
    Weight42 lbs / 19 kgs
    Price (for 1963)$875