Tektronix W 26 MHz Differential Comparator (1969)

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Catalog CostLow BidHigh Bidaverage
$560 (1969)
$800 (1973-Ltd Dmd)
$21.50 (+$14.95 ship) 3/7/07 #120094072851 bearlius_max (3 bids $9.95 start) (very clean-untested)
$45.00 (+~$15 ship) 6/25/07 #320129722478 cfi (2 bids $30 start) (untested)

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    1973 Catalog recommends using the 1A5 instead of the W

    Tektronix W Plug-in DESCRIPTION CONDITIONS This is a Tektronix W plug in - it is a High-Gain Differential Comparator with calibrated deflection factors from 1 mv/cm to 50 V/cm and an astounding 20,000:1 common-mode rejection. As a differential comparator, voltage measurements using the slide-back technique can be made with this unit. The high accuracy and stability of the DC comparison voltage added differentially to the input signal makes more precise voltage measurements possible than many other techniques. Using this mode of operation the W Unit has an equivalent screen height of +/- 11,000 cm.